The AMC movie theaters are getting excited about some of their summer releases, but the excitement peaks when it comes to the film that is set to destroy all box office numbers, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. The film is about the mad titan, Thanos who comes to Earth to claim all 5 Infinity Stones and gain control over the Marvel Universe while The Avengers team together to stop him.

WXYZ says that on AMC's website when you search Marvel movies, a box pops up which directs you to the description of the film. But it's what the box is named that has everyone talking. Avengers: Infinity War Marathon. Their website is hinting that it will be playing every single Marvel film as part of a marathon that will lead right up into the debut of the new Avengers film.

Although admission prices and times for the marathon aren't up yet, the site says it will start April 25 and will go all the way to April 27 for the release of Infinity War. I imagine The AMC on Portage Rd in Kalamazoo will also be taking part in this. All I wanna know is how's coming with me? I'll update you all as soon as we have more info.



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