Have you ever wondered how magicians seem to pull off the impossible right in front of your eyes? I still do. Magician BJ Mallen came into the studio once and blew me away with a magic trick he performed with a rope. He and other magicians in the area will be in attendance for Abbott's Close-Up Convention in Colon which feature the greatest close-up talent in the world performing and lecturing on March 22nd & 23rd. This year Steve Beam and Robert Bengel will be hosting the event at Abbott's Magic Shop.

I spoke to magician Ron Carnell to elaborate on the event to find out if it's for beginners or advanced magicians:

A little bit of both, Mark. Many of the best magicians in the Midwest (and beyond) attend, so that alone makes it fairly advanced. The magic you'll see will blow your mind -- whether you're a beginner OR advanced. The lectures can be very enlightening, both for beginners and advanced practitioners; it can go either way, depending on the lecturer. The real kicker, though, is that the Close-up Convention is a chance to meet some really great magicians, most of whom are ALWAYS willing to help a beginner get his/her start. There is time, too, for socializing, especially at the infamous Costello after-party. This is the only convention I attend every single year. I turn down shows to free my schedule and wouldn't miss this one for anything. Highly recommended.

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