Distance learning did more than keep a Muskegon Heights woman safe from Covid-19.

The moment that a first grade teacher at Edgewood Elementary School helped a student with a technical problem during distance learning ended up saving that student's grandmother.  Julia Koch had to call a student's grandmother because the 1st grader's device wasn't properly charging.  While on the phone she noticed something was very wrong.  Koch immediately called 911.  Cynthia Phillips, the 1st grader's grandmother was having a stroke.  She thanked teacher for saving her life during a conversation with Wood TV 8,

Medics rushed Phillips to the hospital for treatment. Monday, she remained under medical care but was making progress toward recovery. She told News 8 she was recently able to stand on her own but said the road to recovery would be long.

Phillips was experiencing one of the most common stroke symptoms according to the CDC,

Sudden confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding speech.

Other symptoms include suddenly having trouble seeing and sudden numbness.  Every minute matters when it comes to having a stroke.  Quick action is key.  Get more info on how to recognize a stroke and what steps you should take immediately by going to the CDC's website.

Major kudos to Julia Koch and we wish Cynthia Phillips a speedy recovery.

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