If a 'Vette doesn't make your pulse race just a bit, you must be too old. Or a bicyclist. (I'm joking. Lighten up)  GM and Chevrolet did the big reveal on the new Corvette ZR-1, on Monday, in, of all place, Dubai. Maybe Michigan was busy.. You wouldn't throw it out of bed for eating crackers. It's quite the ride.

A little hype from GM:

Chevrolet today introduced the 2019 Corvette ZR1, a supercar that pushes Corvette’s performance legacy with the highest power, greatest track performance and most advanced technology in its production history.

The automotive press is drooling, too.

Still, here's where I become Debbie Downer.

A. The speed limit in Michigan is still 70, except for a few places Up North.

B. Insurance companies haven't turned into charities.

C.  I don't know what you make, but I'll tell, a radio salary ain't gonna cut it, when it comes to price tag.

D.While it would make you the coolest soccer mom in the history of the planet, still, where are you going to put those little champions?

Okay, exit Debbie Downer mode. Here's something that may only make sense to a heartbroken Pontiac fan. The 'Vettes of the past decade to bear a striking resemblance to a car I dearly love. That logo on the back, right above the license plate, does kind of look like a, dare I say, Firebird. There, I said it. I miss the Firebird. But the 'Vette does look more like a Pontiac than Camaro. And I still have my memories.

Ok, I'm out. Gotta go buy a lottery ticket.




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