This 22-year-old Paw Paw resident is singing her way to 230,000 followers and over 3.3 million likes on TikTok.

The village of Paw Paw has just under 3,400 residents.  That means Whitney, aka @WhitneyRaee on TikTok, has the equivalent of 67 Paw Paws following her on TikTok.  Crazy, right?  In fact, in her bio she says, "Miley Cyrus comments here time to time."

One of Whitney's most viewed videos where she was dared to get a mullet received a comment from the pop star that brought the mullet back, Miley Cyrus.  Miley's comment was simply the lips, heart and tongue emojis.  This video was viewed 1.3 million times with 72.6 thousand likes.

Whitney's most viewed video with a whopping 5.9 million views is her response to Miley's comment as she cuts her own hair.  The video below has been like over 1 million times.

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Miley commented on that last video with 3 skull emojis.  So, Whitney decided to reply to that by singing Blondie's "Heart of Glass" with the excerpt "Don't even play, let me take you out on a date."  That video grabbed over a million views too.

Check out more of Whitney Rae on TikTok by clicking here.

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