If you found almost $30k in a box on the ground would you return it or keep it?

George Condash was outside near the ATM at a Federal Credit Union in Westland, Michigan when he spotted a strange box on the curb of the teller drive-thru.  That plastic box was an ATM cassette containing $27,000 that a armored security guard mistakenly left on the ground before leaving for his or her next stop.

Condash did something that surprised many of us according to Click On Detroit,

Without any hesitation at all Condash made the decision to take the cassette full of cash back inside, but not before noticing a large amount.

Sounds crazy right?  Sure, we all would like to think we would do the right thing.  But you can see video footage of the armored truck leaving the box followed by George taking the box in without a second thought.

The box had a tag on it that said $40,000.  That would be tough for most people to just drive away.  Mr. Condash walked that box into the bank and said, "is there a reward for $40,000?"  Needless to say, the credit union employees were shocked.

Condash got a "small token of appreciation" for being an honest man.  We're all dying to know what that token was.

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