Is this idea genius or insane?  A Ford F-150 Fastback?

A Michigan company is taking a page from the classic Mustang book and adding it to the F-150.  Remember how hot the fastback style was on the Mustang back in the day?

YouTube: Jamboolio

A company called Michigan Vehicle Solutions out of Southgate, MI has added this to the F-150 for both appearance and function.  It's basically a lockable cap that clamps to the bed of F-150's so you can keep your cargo safe with a sexy aerodynamic look.  Surprisingly, no modifications to your truck are necessary according to,

The Aero X, as the company calls it, costs $3,995 and works with 2015 and newer F-150 models with 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds. Buyers get a 260-pound lockable cap with retro-styled louvers that attaches with the truck's standard bed clamps. No modifications are required, and buyers can even add an optional sound system for the cap.

The downfall for some truck owners would be the limited cargo space after the installation of the fastback cap.  Then their's the look.  Some people love it.  Others are a little bothered by the side profile of the truck with this cap.

Michigan Vehicle Solutions
Michigan Vehicle Solutions

What do you think?  Would you put the Aero X on your truck?  Let us know in the facebook comments.