Real Estate is going absolutely bonkers right now, with homes going for super high prices and in high demand, depending on where you're located at in Michigan, which is crazy to consider especially during a pandemic. I recently saw one home which apparently had people lined up down the block over the weekend, as it had over 70 viewings in the span of just 48 hours. But once you take a look at these picture, you'll see why, as this house has some serious character.

Park Avenue Realty agent Gretchen Hudson went into detail with The News Herald about the crazy scene that took place over the weekend as people waited to view the home and the issues instances like that can cause:

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Agents were there back to back to back. One would take clients to the basement, another would go to the front of the house, another would go to the back (and) then they would switch. In some instances, we are not even having open houses because they are too difficult to control.

Want to know why people were lined up so deep? Let's take you inside Movoto's listing :

This Michigan Home For Sale Got 70 Viewings In 2 Days & You Can See Why

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