A 53-year-old Kalamazoo man will be on a reality TV show racing his mower from from Los Angeles to New York.

According to the Great Grass Race trailer, these contestants will drive their riding lawn mowers 3,000 miles.  That by itself sounds crazy, right?  Well, they will be doing this with no money, food or gas.  Hopefully the contestants have a kind face and don't smell too bad after riding for long periods of time on their mowers.  Because they will be asking strangers for food, money and gas in order to complete their journey.

That's where Chicago native and Western Michigan University alum Andrej Sensnovis comes into the picture.  He currently lives in Kalamazoo.  However, he'll be living on a riding mower for the next 3-months starting this Thursday, July 9th.  This contestant out of Kalamazoo does everything from beekeeping and inventing things according to his bio from the Great Grass Race press release,

Andrej works as a landlord, but considers himself a “human multi-tool” and a “jack of all trades,” doing anything he can to make a buck. He is a free spirit, who also used to proudly own a restaurant that served the “Best Fried Chicken in Town!”

So, this is what TV looks like when sports seasons get cancelled because of the pandemic?

This is crazy.  However, we are rooting for you Andrej.  Go put Kalamazoo on the Great Grass map.

Get more info on the Great Grass Race by clicking here and check out the trailer below.

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