This hilarious hospital worker is sharing 8 ways to behave when you have to spend time in the hospital.

Here is the secret to a less painful hospital stay:

1. First, lets go over reasons NOT to come to the hospital in the first place.  The Emergency Room does NOT take the place of your Primary Care Physician. Stubbed toe? Don't come to the ER. Broken finger nail? Don't come to the ER. Need your medications refilled? Go to your actual doctor. Dental pain? Go to a DENTIST. Think you're pregnant? Go buy a pregnancy test and pee on the little stick in the comfort of your own home. The Emergency room is for, you know, emergencies. So unless you're dying, have a broken bone, have the flu, or have blood in places where blood shouldn't be, then don't come to the ER and make an appointment with your doctor.

2.  So now that you're in the hospital, don't be a jerk.  Your nurse, doctor, Nurse Aide, Physical Therapist, etc. are here to help you feel better, so don't be an a-hole. Be a decent human being and show some respect to those giving their ALL to heal you.

3. Vital signs every 4 hours (yes, even at night) can be annoying. We don't want to wake you up at 3am either. So again, be courteous and don't be an a-hole.

4.  Don't like needles? Then coming to the hospital was a bad idea. You WILL have to get your blood drawn. Put on your big girl/boy pants on and suck it up. There are kids battling cancer who get stuck with needles everyday. You can do it.

5. This is a hospital, not a hotel. The nurses and aides aren't your 24/7 room service. They also have 5+ other patients. So if your call light isn't answered in 5 minutes, take a chill pill. Someone else might be dying and your nurse can't be at your beck and call. Remember that whole "not being an a-hole" thing?

6. This is a hospital, NOT your apartment. Please, do not move in. You don't need to bring your favorite pillow and your heated blanket and your cat and your own mini fridge and your laptop and your marble collection. The rooms are small as it is and chances are, you (hopefully) won't have to stay too long.

7.  You may have a roommate. (Having flashbacks to your college dorm days?) Be courteous to your new random roomie. A curtain might be all that separates the two of you and newsflash, it isn't sound proof. So, if you're watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls at 3am, please put some headphones in. (Most hospitals offer FREE headphones, so don't be that a-hole roommate from the college dorms that everyone hated.

8. If you don't want treatment, leave. There is such thing as leaving AMA (Against Medical Advice). Don't be that person who: "No, you can't take my blood or my vitals signs, or my pulse, or my temperature. Don't even ask me my height. My past medical history? You'll have to guess. You want an MRI? Too bad. You want a CT scan? Not gunna happen. EKG? Nope". If you're this type of person, please leave so we can give your bed to someone who actually wants treatment. BYE FELICIA.

My sister is in Medical school and she is constantly dealing with pain in the rear patients.  So, if you follow her advice, you'll have a less painful hospital stay.

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