Here are the 5 reasons why...

According to a new survey from FemaleFirst, over half of people LIE about their relationship status on social media. It's mainly by saying they're single when they're not. Of the people who admit to lying, 77% say they're single when they're actually in a relationship, and 23% say they're in a relationship when they're not.  Here are the five reasons why people lie:

1.  They still want to be desirable to other people.  Whether it's an ego boost, or they're actually thinking about moving on to someone else.

2.  They're looking to have an affair, and don't want to broadcast that they're not single.

3.  They're embarrassed by their relationship.

4.  They don't think their relationship is serious enough to put online yet.  Which is the only LEGIT excuse on this list.

5.  They want privacy.  Which is pretty ridiculous, since you're on SOCIAL MEDIA.  But some people don't want random people navigating to their partner's life.

Photo By: OSTILL/ ThinkStock
Photo By: OSTILL/ ThinkStock

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