What should a single girl do on the day that celebrates couples?

Many times, people who are single enjoy being on their own, but there is one day a year that makes any single person feel lonely and that day is Valentines Day. So here are 5 things to make the day of love less lonely for those on their own from Mydomaine.com.

Plan a Valentine's Day "crafternoon." Set out paper, cardstock, stamps, ink, and heart-shaped stickers. Ask your most creative friends to join you and make Valentine's Day cards. Petals and Postings in downtown Kalamazoo will give you great ideas and have supplies that you may desire.

Treat yourself: get a haircut, blowout, beauty treatment, or massage. A manicure from Design 1 in Portage will make you feel pretty, and that is a great treat!

Bake a chocolate layer cake. Choose a recipe that's a little more advanced and be proud of yourself when you nail it. So if you are like me and use your oven for storage, just head over to Bert's Bakery and grab one of their delirious bake goods (you will not be disappointed)

Sign up for a boutique workout like Bootcamp or SoulCycle. After reaping the emotional benefits of exercise indulge in a smoothie.

Have a Sex and the City marathon. Order pizza from your favorite pizza place, shake up a cosmopolitan, and binge-watch the show that celebrates single women everywhere.

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