Many people have a job that starts at the crack of dawn, Here is why it's good for them.

One of the great treasures of getting up early is that you see the sun rise. Yet,  there are 5 other things that happen early birds that is a health benefit. supported getting up early!

Top 5 Reasons To Greet The Sunrise

  1. You see the sun rise over the earth
  2. Students who get up early have a full point higher GPA then night owls
  3. Early birds have been proven to be more productive
  4. Morning people are more organized
  5. You can have a work out before you even start you day

Yet for all the night owls out there has a the Top 5 reasons to hit that snooze button...

Top 5 Reasons To Not Get Up

  1. Early Sunset is far nicer than sunrise
  2. Lunchtime is an eternity away
  3. Curfews are no fun
  4. Over-dependency on caffeine
  5. Early risers are more likely to behave dishonestly

I suppose in the end, it's just a personal, split second decision weather you hit the snooze button or not!


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