The craziest part of this story is what happened next!

We've all made that mistake at least once.  You put your coffee on the top of your car only to get in and drive away.  But, have you ever set a box of $30,000 cash in the back of your truck and drive off?  That's what this guy did according to,

The truck driver had forgotten the loot was still on his bumper when he took off, and only $2,500 was immediately returned. By Saturday, more money came in as a pair of teenagers turned in $630 and a woman forked over nearly $3,900.

You read that correctly.  People pulled over to collect as much money as they could only to return it.  Most of the $30,000 is still missing.  Many people probably thought this was their lucky day and cashed in.  However, the fact that some people could have gotten away with thousands of dollars but chose to turn it in leaves me absolutely gobsmacked.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety is both thanking those who have turned money in and asking people to return money they may have found after the Thursday incident on US 31 in Grand Haven.

No word on the identity of the driver or why he had $30,000 in his truck at this time.


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