The state of Michigan could soon be adding a new option to Michigan drivers licenses that would add a non-binary option to drivers licences. Normally when renewing your license you have to check a box next to the option of Male or Female, but a technology upgrade coming in 2021 may allow Michigan to add a third gender option. The Agender option hasn't been identified by name but according to MLive it's something that the Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson is actively looking into:

We have heard the call from individuals and communities across the state seeking a sex-designation that matches their reality.

In the fourteen states that already have gender-neutral IDs on their system, it allows people to select “X” as an option to display next to “Sex” on their driver’s license instead of “M” or “F." That's according to Equality Michigan Executive Director Erin Knott, who says it's time the transgender community is due to be treated as equals:

I think that by modernizing this policy we’re helping not only to remove barriers, but we’re saying that all Michiganders, including members of the transgender community, deserve to live with dignity and respect.

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