Don't get me wrong. I'm not too thrilled about anything this winter has created for us. From the destructive snowstorm leading into 50 degree weather (which did a Mike Tyson job on my sinuses) even up into this past weekend's bomb cyclone, I can promise you I will take in every piece of the heat this summer and cherish it. But even through all of this, let's not forget that although the weather has made travel uncomfortable and annoying, at least we don't have major flooding.

Last year on this date people were jet-skiing on the roads in Kalamazoo because of the terrible flooding that happened. The flooding caused terrible damage to businesses and also shut down major routes of travel. Have you seen the video of Kalamazoo residents taking advantage of record flooding with their jet skis and kayaks? Below it shows just what we were dealing with a year ago here and makes me appreciate a little cold weather.


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