Bronner's is the largest Christmas store in the world; but what do you really know about this Christmas wonderland? Here are 10 facts that we gathered from Bronner's website.

We all know by now that Bronners makes large-scale, commercial and residential Nativity scenes like the one that we used to see in Bronson Park and one just like it that is Privately owned in Kalamazoo.

1 - There are more than 100,000 outdoor Christmas lights illuminate Bronner's grounds every evening throughout the year.

2 - Bronners erected a chapel in honor of the song "Silent Night" that was written in 1818 in Oberndorf, Austria, at the St. Nicholas church after the organ broke and they believed it would be a 'silent night'.

3 - They have a company motto, "Enjoy CHRISTmas, It's HIS Birthday! Enjoy Life, It's HIS Way!!".

4 - Wally Bronner began to build his idea of a Christmas store in 1945 and watched it grow until his passing in 2008.

5 - Beamer the Bronner Star™ was born in 1999.


6 - Bronner's store and outdoor landscaping cover: the retail store - 2.2 acres (1.7 football fields). Beautifully landscaped grounds cover 27 acres, with 7.35 acres (5.5 football fields) of building in Bronner's entire complex.

7 - Wayne Bronner is the current president and CEO and is Wally's grandson.

8 - The weekend after Thanksgiving is Bronner's busiest of the year with as many as 50,000 guests.

9 - Bronner's electric bill averages $1,250.00 per day.

10 - If you were to stretch out all the lights sold in a year in a continuous line, they would span approximately 530 miles.

You can get more information on events and hours here.

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