The Detroit Lions are playing their first game of the season tonight against the New York Jets (you can see it on ESPN at 7:10 pm). That got me thinking about all the funny football terms that are out there, and how some of them sound dirty.

I looked up a number of terms on, and I was not disappointed!

10 Football Terms That Sound Dirty

1 - In The Box – the defensive area between the offensive tackles extending approximately seven yards deep in the defensive backfield. The defense will put more players “in the box” the more intent they are on stopping a running play.

2 - Bump and run – a defensive technique where the defender will initially hit the receiver at the snap of the ball and then run with him in coverage. This technique is used against offenses that rely on timing with the expectation that a receiver will be in a spot on the field at an exact time. Defenders may only bump the receiver in the first five yards forward from the line of scrimmage.

3 - Dink and dunk – A short passing game. Passes that can frustrate a defense as they are usually less than 5 yards, but a succession of short passes lead to first downs and uses up the clock.

4 - In motion/motion/motion man – An offensive player who moves around the backfield prior to the snap of the ball. Rules state that the player may not be moving toward the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball and may only have one man in motion up until one second before the snap of the ball.

5 - Muff – A muff is the drop of a punt that was never under control. Not to be confused with a fumble.

6 - Naked bootleg – A running play where all the blockers run in one direction and the quarterback carries the ball in the other direction.

7 - Sack – A tackle of the quarterback for a loss of yardage. All time leader in sacks is Bruce Smith, all time leader for one season is Michael Strahan.

8 - Spearing – A penalty where the tackler’s first contact with the ball carrier is with his head. A very dangerous hit for both players, but can cause a neck injury to the tackler.

9 - Tailback – The running back deepest from the offensive line. Usually the team’s best ball carrier.

10 - Big uglies – Offensive linemen.

So have a giggle when your watching the game, because maybe, just maybe you will hear one of these phrases!


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