You may not be able to support your favorite team in person this year but you can still be there in spirit...or in cardboard I should say. has reported that fans of the Western Michigan University Broncos can now purchase a life size cardboard cutout of themselves to be present at the future Broncos games. It'll cost you a pretty penny...$70 to be exact. The cutouts will only be displayed at home games but, fans will be able to pick up their cardboard cutout and keep it for themselves at the end of the season. A nice memento...or the perfect tool to scare the crap out of your roommates or significant others for years to come.

Now, I'm not a diehard fan so I can't justify spending that much to not actually be at the game. In fact, there's a lot of OTHER things I can spend that money on here in Michigan. Like....

  1. 42 cans of Vernors
  2. 7 large Detroit style pizzas
  3. 4 adult admissions to Air Zoo in Kalamazoo
  4. 7 half gallons of fresh apple cider
  5. 48 cans of your favorite Bell's brew
  6. 4 pounds of Mackinac Island fudge
  7. 14 Coney Dogs

In all seriousness, if you decide to purchase your own cutout to sit in the stands at WMU, I won't judge you. The proceeds will go to the athletic fund which, of course, supports the student athletes. All orders must be placed by November 2nd which is right around the corner along with the start of the season on November 4th. You can place your order and see the list of rules and regulations here.

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