Getting a law degree from Western Michigan University and not having to trek to Grand Rapids or further for all the schooling has become a reality. The Western Michigan University-Cooley Law School has received approval to offer 60 credit hours on the WMU Kalamazoo campus.

The opening of the 60-credit program, which is effective immediately, allows students the opportunity to earn the equivalent of two years of course study in Kalamazoo and finish their final year, or 30 credits, at any of WMU-Cooley’s three Michigan campuses (Auburn Hills, Grand Rapids, and Lansing),  or its campus in Tampa Bay, Florida. -WMU

WMU and Cooley have been partners since 2014, but were only allowed to offer fifteen credit hours on the Kalamazoo campus.

“This is a great opportunity for Western Michigan University students wishing to earn a law degree to remain in the Kalamazoo region,” said Nelson Miller, associate dean overseeing the affiliation between WMU-Cooley Law School and WMU. “Being able to offer law students the opportunity to earn up to 60 credits on WMU’s main campus has been one of the main goals of the law school’s affiliation with Western Michigan University.”

The 60 credit hour program begins September 4th on the Kalamazoo campus.



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