You have installed your child's car seat properly, you obey the traffic laws, but this winter your child could still be in danger.

First, it should be clear, I am not a parent, but I was floored when I discovered this information pertaining to child car seats. You should never place your child in a car seat while they are wearing a winter coat. It sounds crazy but it is true! According to

In fact official crash tests confirm that a child dummy flew out it's car seat in a 30 mile per hour crash; that was all do to the dummy wearing a coat while strapped in a seat.

That is a frighting thought, but I would worry about how to keep my little one warm. Experts suggest that you place the coat over your child or use blankets to cover them and keep em toastie. If that is a solution that you are not comfortable with you can check out OneKid Road Coat and Cozzywoggle, they create coats for car seat use and safety.

Oh, on a side note, the same goes for adults. Ditch the coat when driving.

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