I'm not the only person losing my mind over this "high speed" internet.

I found this Topix page full of Mattawan residents complaining about the lack of broadband internet that began almost 10 years ago.  Since it's 2015, it is shocking that the Village of Mattawan is so far behind when it comes to internet.  As pointed out in this Topix page, there are multiple nearby villages with smaller populations that enjoy Comcast or Charter internet.

Which leads to the question...what's really going on here?  There are rumors that Mediacom owns the rights to serve the area, but chooses not to.  There are also rumors that Frontier has a contract with the Village of Mattawan to be the exclusive "broadband" internet provider.

There maybe good news on the horizon.  Here's a quote from a Mattawan resident:

"The federal communications commission today, 1/30/15, signed a new bill changing the definition of broadband internet from 4mbs to 24mbs. Because of this frontier can't claim that they offer broadband and now Mattawan has 0 broadband providers."

With the edition of 200 new homes currently under construction right off of Front Street by Allen Edwin Homes, something's gotta give.

Why aren't ISP's like Comcast or Charter stepping up?  Seems like they're missing lots of business.  Is the Village of Mattawan preventing this?

Here's me frustrated at my less than 3 Mbps of "high speed" internet.

You can reach Comcast on Twitter @Comcast or @ComcastCares or on Facebook.

Charter on Twitter @Charter or FaceBook.

The only social media I can find for the Village of Mattawan is this FaceBook.


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