America's icy, creamy treat celebrates a day of it's own own on July 15th

Thanks to President Ronald Reagan National Ice Cream Day is a real day. It was back in 1984,  in proclamation 5219 that ice cream was truly recognized in this great country with it's own day.

American's consume more ice cream then any other country so thanks to here are a few ways to celebrate the yummy day...

1. Make Your Own Ice Cream At Home

Homemade ice cream is one of the simplest yet most rewarding desserts to make. You can throw in chunks of your favorite candy bar, fresh fruit, or a swirl of your favorite cookie dough. The combinations are endless and so incredibly delicious that they'll make you rethink that store-bought pint.

2. Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Bowl
Commemorate this special day by immortalizing your love for ice cream into your new favorite bowl. Head to your local ceramics place and make it your own DIY project to create a bowl you can devour ice cream in for years and years to come.

Yea, yea...lets just make it easy and tasty!

 Delicious Places to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day In Kalamazoo...

The Spirit of Kalamazoo

Tiffany S. reported on

They make their own waffle cones, need I say more? We had a waffle cone with 2 scoops of ice cream and a coffee malt made with salted carmel ice cream. Both were great but the coffee malt was truly wonderful. It was a great pick me up in the afternoon! The woman working was so friendly and nice.

Lafayette Creamery

Michelle D. stated on

We love this gem of an ice cream shop. Such delicious ice cream with lots of great flavors and within walking/biking distance.


Treat Street

Matt L. checked in on and said...

The peanut butter cup ice cream is the bomb! The staff was very nice as well. Highly recommend!


Kathryn K. let her feelings be known on

Great flavors, (they have dairy free flavors) lots of toppings but lacks a variety in the fruit choices. Very clean and the staff was friendly. Prices are normal for this type of fill your own cup place!

Red Tricycle Ice Cream

Beth C. strongly stated on

Possibly the coolest mobile business in town (and we've got oodles of awesome food trucks so that's really saying something), this business is based on the back of a tricycle and features delicious ice creams and ice cream sandwiches.

Let's Swirl

Kay H. reported on

Stopped in today and they had "Candy Bar Smash" on tap. Best flavor yet! Also, 3 cheers to peanut butter sauce!

Frosty Boy

Tracy K stated on

Good flurries, favorites include oreo banana, chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie. Lots of flavors of ice cream.  My daughters favorites are scooperman, playdough, bubble gum & cotton candy.  Tons of  other flavors! Overall very nice ice cream shop.

Whatever venue you choose, just enjoy the cold creamy taste that ice creams brings everyone (young or old).


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