You maybe out of luck if a county snow plow takes out your mailbox in Southwest Michigan.

In the picture above is the damaged mailbox of a daycare on Gull Rd in Comstock.  If you were to wake up one morning to find your mailbox on the ground like this what could you do?

I did a little digging and it's not good news.  I found the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County's policy regarding this matter on the Comstock government website,

Mailboxes and posts in good condition generally withstand the force of snow plowed against them. The RCKC regrets any damage to mailboxes and/or supports occurring as a result of road maintenance activities. By law, the RCKC has no legal responsibility for personal property claims while in the course of its governmental function. The RCKC will not assume responsibility for mailbox damage that may be caused by snow/ice that is being plowed from the roadway.

It looks like this was last updated in 2015.  However, that seems to be the most recently updated policy on-line.

The moral of the story is...looks like you're replacing your own mailbox.  I wish I had better news.


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