The JCPenney In Battle Creek (Credit: TSM/Tim Collins)
The JC Penney In Battle Creek (Credit: TSM/Tim Collins)

The people that run JC Penney's are rolling the dice and making a huge bet on something that really has never been at the core of their business.According to CNBC, the retailer is closing eight more stores, though none of those are in Michigan. But here's the news that may raise your eyebrows (and maybe get them plucked at Penney's).

While the main focus is to move JC Penney to online sales, the remaining stores are going to be refocused, partly, as hair salons.

Penney is betting big on its beauty department and is pouring resources into beefing up make-up and hair services. Earlier this week, the company announced it would be hiring 6,500 stylists for its hair salons across the country, which are branded as "The Salon by InStyle." - MSN


Now, this might not be all that big a risk for JC Penney, as many hair stylists are independent contractors, but it still could be potentially good news for those stylists, as this will mean more job opportunities, and with any luck at all, maybe some competition for their services. The hiring is going on right now and here's the link.

One more thing to think about as Penney's and other traditional stores try and compete in 2018 America; Theirs are pretty big stores, and let's face it, you don't need that much room for a hair salon. In fact, the domino effect is scary to contemplate. With the economy already shaky for most, now you've got many traditional retailers cutting back square footage as their businesses wither.


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