This story is way more than public urination.  This guy clearly thought he was Chuck Norris.

Tuesday police were called to the Bennigan's on Mission St. in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan after an intoxicated man decided to relieve himself in front of the restaurant.  The suspect fled before police arrived.  One officer went after the man while another officer stayed behind to interview witnesses.  This is where the story gets fun.

When the 38-year-old suspect was pulled over according to the Morning Sun, the police officer asked him if he had any weapons on him.  He told the officer that he didn't have a weapon but due to his military special forces training the he was in fact a weapon himself.  Let's be honest, that's a funny thing to say when you've been pulled over by law enforcement while intoxicated after peeing in front of a restaurant.  It's not a smart thing to say, but it's funny.

You maybe wondering what happened that lead this man to make "Florida Man" type of decisions.  A Bennigan's manager told police that at first he acted normal when he came in to pick up a carryout order.  Then he started yelling about the Union Army followed by screaming curse words.  The bartender told the officer that he witnessed the suspect take a tallboy beer out to his car and drink it.

The suspect was arrested for indecent exposure.  Luckily, he didn't harm anyone with the weapon that is his body.

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