The pictures of this chared truck show just how lucky this West Michigan man is to be alive.

A quick-thinking good samaritan saved a stranger's life in Muskegon County last Saturday.  Stefani Mock was on her way home from babysitting her niece when she witnessed a pickup truck coming up on a curve without turning or slowing down.  The truck then smashed head-on into a tree.  Mock told WZZM that it all happened very fast,

By the time I got my car stopped right there, the truck was already in flames.  There was stuff blowing up everywhere, The windows blew out.

While the truck was engulfed in flames, she did everything she could to free the driver of the burning vehicle.  There was a tree branch pinning the door closed.  Mock told police that her adrenaline kicked in and she was able to snap the branch and yell toward the driver to get out of the burning truck.

The driver of the crashed vehicle then fell out of his truck onto the ground and seemed disoriented.  The driver was later arrested for Operating a Vehicle while under the influence due to having a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

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Stefani Mock says that she doesn't consider herself a hero and that she would do it again.  Vehicle fires can reach temps over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit according to FEMA.  To put that in perspective, it takes 212 degrees to boil water.  With that information, we respectfully disagree with Stefani.  She is a hero.

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