Human ingenuity has no limit. Just look around your world. From the big things, like rockets, planes, and car, to smaller items in your home, like PC's, TV's and phones.

The current coronavirus pandemic has brought its own creativity and ingenuity, with a nearby example being a Ludington beer distributorship creating PPE masks out of beer koozies.

A release from Ludington Beverage says "The face masks ....are made with can koozies and rubber bands. The only other materials required are scissors and a sewing machine. It takes 2-3 minutes to make each mask. These koozie masks are inexpensive to make, washable and reusable and I would encourage anyone who has koozies collecting dust in a drawer to watch our short instructional video and make their own.” - Tad Reed, President of Ludington Beverage.

An employee recorded a video with instructions for anyone who has access to a sewing machine and some working knowledge of how to sew.

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