We may see a decrees in our electric bills this winter

DTE Energy is reporting that customers may get lower natural gas bills this winter after the company projected a 6% decrease for the season’s bills. A 6% decrease would be amazing, that 6% would make a difference in most people pocket books.

It is being reported that we may have a mild winter coming our way, that with natural gas prices slowly going down over the years, we as consumers may save some cash.

Mlive reported that Dan Brudzynski, DTE’s vice president of Gas Sales & Supply, stated...

We take the current long-range forecasts and compare them to years of historical usage data to make sure we are prepared to deliver the reliable natural gas service our customers count on. While forecasts may not be perfect, we want to be ready for whatever the winter throws at us.

For those that  use DTE as their gas source, lets hope the other gas companies folow suite and we all see a break in our bills.

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