Residents concerned after strange sightings in a field and the sky above Marcellus last night.

Lisa Hall posted this in the Paw Paw Now and Then facebook page at 11:32 PM last night,

Anyone know what's going on right now in Marcellus? On M40 just before you reach the stop sign going into town? Lots of cars are stopping to look at it, but there are triangular shaped lights in the field right by the road. And there are three in the air. And the lights keep fading and coming back on. Does anybody know what's happening? I have friends and family in Marcellus so I am very concerned right now.

Lisa also commented,

Just heard there is one that came down across the street. And the 2 (not 3) that were in the air are no longer lit up. They have different colors to them as well.

Here are some of the 109 comments as of 7 this morning,

Laurie Cone French: "Ummmm.....drones?"

Lisa Hall:  "Well if they have drones the size of small SUV's & a little bigger, then possible maybe? And that make no noise?"

Daniel Ray went to investigate this strange sighting at about 12:24 in the morning and had this to report, "Just came out here. What's ever happened is gone."

Dereck Mcconaha:  "Yeah this feels like it has hoax all over it. I've been talking to people and it's all here say."

Lisa Hall reassured everyone that this is not a hoax.

Did you see the strange lights in Marcellus Tuesday Night?  Can you shed any light on what was going on?  If so, let us know in the comments.

Maybe it was a meteor like what hit Michigan on this day in 2018.  That's a crazy coincidence.  Get more on that story by clicking here.


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