A woman is warning Michigan voters about her father, Robert Regan who is running for State Representative.

On June 23rd, twitter user @streeganz went viral after urging Michigan residents to do their research and vote against her dad.  As of 7:50 A.M. on June 26th that tweet has been liked by nearly 180 thousand people and retweeted over 36 thousand times.


Even though she mentioned in a tweet that she doesn't feel safe sharing further information, her father responded by posting this on facebook,

I am happy that she feels confident enough in our relationship to express her opposing thoughts so publicly.

In his statement he accuses liberal colleges for sucking students like his daughter into a Marxist and communist ideology.

Republican Robert Regan is running against Democrat Bill Saxton for a seat in the Michigan state house.  Saxton praised Regan's daughter on twitter,

Bill Saxton Twitter

So, what are the issues that motivated Regan's daughter to create a social media campaign against him?  Here are a few of the issues highlighted by dailydot.com,

His issues include making English the official language in Michigan, opposing all forms of immigration reform (which Regan calls “a codeword for amnesty”), opposing abortion, and restoring Michigan’s constitutional militia.

His stance on making English the official language of Michigan is bit alarming.  This is from Robert Regan's website,

Eliminate the use of multiple languages on state documents, forms, and ballots. Use only English-speaking teachers in public schools. Parents should provide for their children’s training in languages other than English from their own resources.

You can see all of the issue that Robert Regan is campaigning on by clicking here.  You can see the issues that Regan's opponent, Bill Saxton is running on by clicking her.  The primary is August 4th.

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