This is the feel-good story we needed right now! After sending out a request to local Vicksburg residents, a local landmark is getting some much needed updates.

In early September, Marci Bailey turned to a local Vicksburg community Facebook page for help saying,

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Here is the star on the Bailey bins on V Avenue. It needs some work. If anyone is interested in contributing to help pay for the restoration, let me know

The iconic star that sits atop the Bailey family's grain bins has been a local landmark for residents for as long as we can remember! Vicksburg locals were quick to respond with donations for the star's restoration-- and they also shared just how much the star means to their families, saying:

  • "We pass this star coming home, a lot. My husband has always told my son, when he sees this star, he’s almost home. It is something he looks forward to seeing, and finds comfort in knowing seeing this star will lead him home!!" - Courtney Hardy
  • "We love your "estrella" as my kids call it. We get soooo excited at the end of November and scream in the car on our way to school the first time we see it lit up!! Cheap thrills, but it is such a sweet thing to see and celebrate." - Katelin Lopez
  • "I'm the last one to care about traditions but for some reason that star is special. Thank you for taking care of it!" - Cathy Crist

Almost as soon as the call for help went out, it was answered! Enough donations were secured to rent a crane to remove the star, replace the old lights with new LEDs, and return the star to the top of the silo. Marci's niece Alyvia estimated the funds for the star's restoration would cost about $600-700 in all.

Says Alyivia,

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to fixing the star! We have raised enough to cover pretty much everything, and we appreciate everyone’s generosity! We are glad that you love the star, and it will back, and bright, on Thanksgiving!

Don't stories like this just make your heart full? We all look forward to seeing that star shine bright on Thanksgiving Day! Make sure you take a look the next time you pass by on V Avenue.

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