Laura Chang, who teaches second grade at Sunset Elementary School in Vicksburg has been named Michigan's Teacher of the Year.

Chang, is also a part-time instructor of special education and literacy studies at Western Michigan University. Chang got her honor during a surprise visit from Michigan's (interim) School Superintendent Sheila Alles, who came to praise the school's success.

Alles said,
"Educators like Ms. Chang are key in moving Michigan to become a top-10 education state in 10 years," Alles said. "She is knowledgeable and provides relevant and meaningful teaching and learning experiences to her students. She is a compassionate, positive and inspirational role model."

High praise also comes from Sunset Lake Principal Amie McCaw who says Chang "has dedicated her life to education and helping others reach their goals" and despite serving in several roles, "never lets the pressure get to her."

Chang, who has a bachelor's and a master's degree from WMU, is the first person from Kalamazoo County to pick up this prestigious award.She was selected from an original group of 430 teachers, who were nominated by students, staff and community.




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