After a house fire in Farmington Hills, hope is still alive to find these famous cats.

Earlier this week reported that in the early hours of  Sunday November 12, a fire broke out on Quaker Valley Lane in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The owners, Will and Lauren Powers, escaped the blaze, and were unable to locate the cats before they were over come with smoke.

The owners opened the doors in hopes that Arcturus, Cygnus, and a third cat escaped the devastation.

The couple cherishes all 3 of their cats but two of them are pretty special. Arcturus holds the Guinness Book of World Record title as the longest cat and Cygnus holds the title of longest cat tail.

All through the week, owners Lauren and Will have been searching for their fur babies and there might be a break in the case!

The Detroit Free Press that reported that Will posted this on his Facebook page...

"A "beast" of a cat — possibly Arcturus — was spotted at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the area of 11 Mile and Farmington Roads,  But the tipster didn't report it until Tuesday, the first day the person had seen a news report about the missing cats.

That is great news! Will is advising people that Arcturus is extremely friendly but maybe scared and dehydrated. If you see him, please don't chase him, just contact animal control or reach out to Will Powers via Facebook.

Will and Lauren have offered a $25,000 reward for their safe capture!

I think we all need a "feel good" story lately, and my hopes is that the Powers cats are returned home safely.

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