Whether you're planning on moving to Kalamazoo or you're a lifelong resident, you might want to review these unwritten rules.

Here are a handful of unwritten rules in and about Kalamazoo you should probably know.

#1. Oberon is a Holiday

Oberon Day is a day that celebrates a very popular beer that was first brewed back in 1992 by Larry Bell of Bell's Brewery.  Employers should expect many of their employees to take Oberon Day off and possibly the next day for recovery.

#2. Boombox Ronnie is a Kalamazoo icon

If you spend time in Kalamazoo, you'll likely drive by Boombox Ronnie.  You'll usually find him at an intersection wearing a Sponge Bob costume giving you validation by pointing and waving at you as you drive by.  If you mess with Boombox Ronnie in any way, we will come after you.  And by we, I mean all of Kalamazoo.

#3. We Just Won't Get Used to Roundabouts

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The Instagram above is from another state, however, it does demonstrate how most roundabouts should be used.  Kalamazoo has lots of roundabouts and almost nobody understands how to use them.

#4. Don't complain about Lake Effect Snow

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Kalamazoo residents will complain about the lake effect snow even though we know everyone West of U.S. 131 are the real victims.  The difference in the amount of snow fall on the otherside of that highway is surprising.  Van Buren county gets way more lake effect snow than Kalamazoo.

#5. Ohio sucks


Two words: Go Blue!

Did we miss any unwritten rules of Kalamazoo?  If so, let us know in the comments.

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