Time to sit down for breakfast is as elusive as the mythical unicorn; the two come together in a new cereal from Battle Creek-based cereal maker Kellogg.

Think of Froot Loops that taste like cupcakes. It's no fairy tale, the latest brand in the Kellogg line is "Unicorn" cereal. Following the trend that included the Starbucks unicorn frappuccino and other instances of the one-horned horse in pop culture, now we have a breakfast cereal that looks like a bowl of sparkly blue, pink, and purple Skittles.

The unicorn character is on the box, but it doesn't seem like s/he has a name. You can find your "unicorn name" by looking at the side panel (mine is Lemonade Frost Fire). Look for the limited edition on store shelves in early March.

You can watch Cereal Time TV review the video below. To me, the cupcake flavored mile seems like the best part. Unicorn cereal is magic!

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