I have never been more disrespected by a man in my entire life!

Those were the final words U of M Dearborn Softball Catcher Haley Tiseo shared with the home plate umpire after allegedly suffering a barrage of verbal abuse, unfair calls and intimidation the entire game, and then apparently refusing to talk to her as an adult after the game ended. She recently posted about the experience to her Facebook and has not only written a letter to the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference demanding  swift action and a follow up to the actions she apparently received. In her post she discribes:

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During last night’s game against Indiana Tech, before my team had even pitched to one of their batters in the bottom on the first, the home plate umpire began to belittle and taunt me. He yelled at me every warmup pitch (you get five in the first inning) to throw the ball down and signal the beginning of the inning. He was being very threatening with his tone.

After calling a ball 4 on a pitch that had gone down the middle, she signaled to her coaches with hand gestures where the ball was delivered. This was apparently met with even more anger:

This made the home plate umpire very angry and he showed zero restraint as he got in my face and told me that things wouldn’t look good for me going forward in this game. Immediately I signaled to my coach to have a word with him instead of engaging. As a leader on my team, I take full responsibility for being a role model and setting the right example of how to act in the face of adversity.


After the game was over the umpire saw she was trying to flag him down to have a chat and he apparently responded with "We are not doing this right now." She then asked the umpire in a respectful manner "As an adult, can I speak to you? I just want to understand why you are treating me like this." He apparently proceeded to roll his eyes and refused to look her in the eyes as he ran away, which is when she became verbal and let him know that he should feel ashamed for the way he treated her.

There has been no response from the WHAC yet but I'm sure it won't be long. I'm reminded of something I saw on an episode of South Park, and regardless of the subject, still holds true:

Because even though things are getting better for women, you still think of us as lesser people sometimes, and we always have to prove ourselves twice as hard. Congratulations, guys. For getting your way... again.

If these actions were true, this guy should not be umping anymore.

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