If you frequent Gull Road in Kalamazoo, you have, no doubt, noticed a sign by the side of the road that reads,

Two Fellas Grill. Coming Soon!

Well, that sign has seemingly just sat there for what feels like a year. But, finally, it looks like we have signs of life!

Just yesterday, while passing by, I noticed actual, physical signage on the building itself. However, that's where the signs of progress (no pun intended) end.

Inside, the building still looks untouched with random tables and chairs strewn about the space and no signs of interior design or remodeling. Two Fellas Grill's website gives little to no helpful information about the timeline for what feels like the very long opening of this new location on Gull Road.

Similarly, their social media pages, both Facebook and Twitter, haven't been updated since October of 2021 when they announced a new drive-thru option for their original location on W. Michigan Ave.

Why Would an Opening Be Delayed?

In the foodservice industry, there could be a number of reasons why an opening could be delayed. Health inspections, building codes, hiring staff...the list goes on. However, given that we have no information, we're left to speculate. And, with the ongoing pandemic and supply chain issues, it feels safe to assume that those two things may be the culprit.

Two Fellas Grill was founded in Kalamazoo in 2013 and focuses, primarily, on serving a variety of wraps. You'll find everything from breakfast wraps to chicken tender wraps and specialty wraps.

They also offer late-night delivery. A smart choice given their relatively close location to WMU.

Until more information is released, it looks like those of us closer to Gull Road will have to continue to be patient as we await this additional option for dining out. For now, you can find their full menu for their W. Michigan Ave location, hours, and more on their website.

And, whenever they do open, they'll join the long list of new restaurants in the Kalamazoo area. Feel like you missed one? Check out this list of Kalamazoo area restaurants that have opened within the last 6 months:

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