A Battle Creek area family is asking for help locating their two senior-aged cats after a fire destroys their home.

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A fire north of Battle Creek destroyed a home in Bedford Township on Saint Mary's Lake on November 30, 2021. The good news is no one was home at the time so there were no injuries. The bad news is the home is a complete loss and the two family felines who escaped the blaze have not been located.

Tiffany is asking for help locating her two cats that managed to escape the blaze. She lived in an apartment adjacent to the home, which belonged to her brother and sister-in-law.

Have you seen either of these kitties?

Courtesy of Tiffany Ward
Courtesy of Tiffany Ward

The cat above is named 'Q'. Q is black and white like a Holstein cow with green/yellow eyes. She has a white patch on her back and a black patch on her chin. From a distance, it looks like she's wearing a black helmet. She has an all-black tail and a black nose.

Courtesy of Tiffany Ward
Courtesy of Tiffany Ward

The cat above is named Lizzard. Lizzard is all black with a distinct white patch, yellow-green eyes, and one white whisker.

Both Q and Lizzard are seniors over 12 years in age and declawed. Their owner Tiffany asks that you do not try to chase them. The two are likely traumatized by the fire. She did say you may be able to lure them close using food. If you spot one or both of the missing cats, Tiffany asks that you call or text her at 269-282-4363.

Losing a home is never easy but losing your home ahead of the holidays is especially hard. Add in not knowing where your two furry companions are and loss is only magnified. A fundraiser has been started to help the family get funds to replace the items lost that can be replaced. There is no way to replace a companion.

The fire is believed to have started in the garage of the home after a generator malfunctioned. The fire then spread through the home. Tiffany said that she attempted to gain entry into the home but was forced back by emergency personal.

A door on the home was opened at some point and left ajar until the blaze was extinguished. Tiffany said her family has searched the rubble and the cats are believed to have made it out.

If you wish to help this family, who have two children, that lost everything, click here to make a donation. 

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