I'm either mellowing or maybe it's just that 2020 has finally worn me down. This story is all over the interwebs. Turkey dinner flavored candy corn. Wow. USA Today says it's on sale at Walgreen's. Well, that's good enough for me. There's a Walgreen's at nearly every major intersection in town; that way no one has to miss out. (Though, scroll down, I'll have the Debbie Downer take, yet.)

Normally I'd be all over this, making fun of it. At the very least, a snarky remark like "well, at least it's not Pumpkin Spice.".

But this year has been tough, and while it isn't pumpkin spice, why not? Comfort food is big. You can pick and chose the individual candies you want to pop in your mouth. See, it's not an entire turkey dinner in every bite. I guess it's a different flavor in each kernel. (Is that what you call an individual piece of candy corn?) USA Today says the flavors include roasted turkey, green beans, ginger-glazed carrot, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce. I am a little disappointed they didn't include a beet horseradish flavored kernel, but maybe next year. It seems like you can pick and choose, so it's not like that famous saying from Forrest Gump, "Like if like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get"

But this is where I simply need to be a kid again. Kids eat candy. The ten year old in me loved Thanksgiving (and I still do) and loved candy. The key is not to eat an entire bag in one sitting. And in my case, it's got to be one piece at a time, because I have a knack for breaking teeth.

So, finally here's the Debbie Downer part. Dunkin' Donuts is rolling out pumpkin spice early, a week from today. Candy, anyone?

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