Tess Taylor sent me the video of this great pet product!

It is a backpack for your dog! You can put your pup in and it go, or keep it with you if your pet poops  out (pun intended) on the walk and wants to stop and rest. Awesome idea, and YES, I want one!

Here are 5 other crazy pet products that twentytwowords.com thinks you might want to own....(or at least make fun of people for owning)!

#1 The Pet Highchair - Forget begging under the table anymore, now your dog can sit with the family and drool.

#2 The Cat Stroller - To keep your cat outta of a tree but still getting some fresh air, strap em into this buggy.

#3 The Overhead Cat Playground - Seeing this in a house my be a tad freaky at first, but I bet ever cat would love to be up and king of the castle.

#2 Pet Jewelry - What fur baby shouldn't have a diamond necklace (me first though)!

#1 Pawlish - Yep, nail polish for your pet.