You have one for the pets and lock the house after you leave.

Recently my boss asked me to pet sit for her for the weekend. What should have been a no brainier, turned a tad crazy towards the end.

I was given the pass code to enter the home through the garage, perfect. Got in fine, it was leaving that was the problem. I could not figure out how to shut the garage door. I was pressing the button next to the door into the house, but I had to run (fast) and try to get out before the garage door shut. The problem was that the door stopped and reopened when it sensed me. This went on for such a long time that the dog laid down and watched this ditsy human try again and again to get out. After some time I feared that the neighbors may call the police one me thinking I was some weirdo (yes, I know, I am a weirdo).

After numerous phone calls, I figured out how to get out and lock the door...

I suspect I will not be asked to pet sit again, but I did excel in a few of the categories that are desirable in a pet sitter. lists the most important things to look for in a pet sitter...

  • Flexible - Sure, I was ducking pretty low to make it under the garage door
  • Calm - Not so much...many panic phone calls were made in hopes that I would not have to call my boss.
  • Sensitive - Of course, I was very sore after numerous attempts to shut the garage door. My back was killing me.
  • Trustworthy - Yes, I stayed till that house was locked down.
  • Experienced - Yes, I am old...oh wait, experience in pet


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