If you've run out of places to hide Christmas gifts, here are 5 sneaky ideas.

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Fox News came up with the ten best places to hide your Christmas gifts and here are the top 5 best:

If you can fit all of your camping gear in a cargo carrier, you can hide most of your Christmas gifts in there.  Plus, the kids would never think to look there.

2. Behind Panel for Plumbing

In your closet with the plumbing pipes, you can fit gifts BEHIND the pipes in the paneling.

3.  Laundry Baskets

Most kids don't do the laundry so you can hide the gifts under the clothes in your laundry basket or hamper.  Also, if you have a laundry basket you store things no one would be interested in snooping through, try that.

4.  In Feminine Product Boxes

If you have a small gift, a half-full or empty tampon box is the best place to hide it. This will help you hide it from the kids AND dad.

5.  Seasonal Storage

Have some Halloween or Thanksgiving boxes laying around?  No one is going to think you've stored a Christmas gift in your Halloween decor box.

Karen Hoxmeier has been stashing gifts in seasonal storage for years. Among her most brag worthy hides are a laptop for her daughter, leather jacket for her husband and video games for her son.She’s also resorted to hiding stocking stuffers in boxes strategically labeled for tax season. (It helps if you can deposit a layer of dust on the lid.) - Fox News

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