If you're a Detroit Tigers fan, it probably feels like forever, but actually it's only been six years since the Tigers played in the post season, eight years since their last World Series appearance. But since their decision to tank, er, re-build three years ago, and since 2019 is our most recent memory (a 47-114 record), it probably does feels like forever.

That worst record in baseball last season has put the Tigers in the position of having the first overall pick of the Major League Baseball draft tonight. (7pm, MLB Channel) There are two names mentioned in every discussion of who might be drafted first. First baseman Spencer Torkelson from Arizona State University, and third baseman/outfielder Austin Martin from Vanderbilt. Most every mock draft has Torkelson ahead of Martin, labeling him a "generational" player. But, if you're a contrarian, here's an argument for Martin. And always remember, Michael Jordan was drafted third, Derek Jeter, 6th.

(Pac-12 Networks via YouTube)

Torkelson grew up a San Francisco Giants fan, and his childhood idol was Barry Bonds. Many scouts have compared him to Bonds. And at ASU, he's also developed some power. There has been some talk of the Tigers maybe trying to move him to the outfield, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. By the time Torkelson is ready to put on the "Olde English D", Miguel Cabrera will be wrapping up his Hall of Fame career.

Now, just to keep expectations a little under control, remember, tanking, er, rebuilding comes with a certain amount of risk. Just because all the experts say someone is a can't miss prospect doesn't guarantee anything. Or what if the kid steps on a sprinkle head and blows his knee out.

But he could be the next Mike Trout. The Tigers would settle for the next Kirk Gibson or even the late Al Kaline, who wasn't a power hitter, but did manage 399 homer runs over his Hall of Fame career.. But here we go again, with those lofty expectations. And if the Tigers don't draft him, one of ASU's promotional slogans was "Fear The Tork".

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Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Al Kaline 1934-2020

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