If you are not paying attention to your local Facebook groups-- you're missing out! Always good for a great laugh, local online groups are a great way for neighbors and communities to stay informed on local happenings. Quite often these groups are helpful, but other times they are downright hilarious!

I promise you I am not making this up. I was scrolling through my local Facebook groups when a bizarre post in the Three Rivers, Michigan Area Information group caught my eye. In it, a man named Chad VanderMei made an oddly specific request,

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Please help. I'm out of butter. Please drop two sticks of butter at the corner of East and Cushman between 2 and 4 AM this morning...I don't want to meet people, I don't want new friends, I just need butter, butter is important to me

That post alone would draw questions however, Chad then followed up with:

I have received some PMs regarding my health and safety. I want to assure everyone I'm okay, just need butter

Is this some sort of joke or something? I, like many in the group, could not take Chad seriously. I wondered whether this was some sort of odd social experiment or if the man really was in dire straits when it comes to butter.


I kept Chad and his butter needs in my thoughts, but imagine my surprise when a few days later this follow-up was posted by a man named Clayton Lyczynski II,

I recently had a friend (Chad) reach out who has a surplus of butter, he's not in this group (anymore) but wanted me to share: 'thank you for the butter, there is too much. If someone needs butter let me know'

So now you're telling me Chad has too much butter? Which also implies that someone actually went through with the butter hand-off. Is this a regular occurrence in Three Rivers? If so, what else goes on down there?

Internet Drama

Apparently, the whole butter saga is in reference to an inside joke on YouTube but if anything else, at least we all got a good laugh over it! Locals commented things like:

  • "Lol I wondered how many people threw out butter on his corner...he made my night w his post!" - Tara Hodge Greulich
  • "should of let those that didn't know just keep going lol this has been my entertainment at work the past couple of days" - Nino Red
  • "I’m sad! Only 4 sticks?? I was hoping for 40!!" - Daniel Jackson

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