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One of the most interesting golf courses in the area, Thornapple Creek on F Ave. has been sold and will close permanently at the end of this golfing season, MLive reports.From it's quasi-legal beginnings, to now, Thornapple has always been a lushly green and challenging golf course. But the current owner, John Brussee, says interest in golf is down, and it's difficult to continue financially to operate the facility.

Local legend and media reports say the original owners who built Thornapple Creek, were linked to drug trafficking in the area. Two of the three original owners were convicted on drug charges and a third became a fugitive from the law. The federal government seized the property in 1986 and it was then auctioned off. Brussee and his brother Thomas bought it in 1998.

The new owner is reportedly Daniel Scheffers, who owns VanDam & Kruisinga Building and Restoration, MLIve reports the property will be used for hunting and fishing.


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