What a discovery!

A Facebook post shared in the group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village, showed an incredible find after a visit to a lake in Jones, Michigan. Now, the hope is that the original owner can be located and reunited with his property.

The post, originally made by a man named Patrick Reck read,

Found in harter lake in Jones MI, please share so we can return! Chad. Vicksburg HS 1995. Football.

Along with these pictures:

Via/ Patrick Reck Facebook Page
Via/ Patrick Reck Facebook Page
Via/ Patrick Reck Facebook Page

I'm not sure if the ring was submerged in the lake where it was discovered but, if it was, it looks incredible. It also unknown how long this ring was at the lake. It could be months...maybe years. And I know if my ring was suddenly found by a stranger after all that time my mind would be blown. I hope this will help Chad connect with those who found it.

Now, I'm still getting to know Michigan but, I'm going to assume that Vicksburg is a smaller town since most of the comments were people tagging others in the hopes that their 'Chads' were the one who lost the ring.

"It has to be someone we know," wrote Tara B.

Plenty of Chads were tagged but all of them denied being the right Chad. At least on the post in the Vicksburg Facebook group.

However, on the post from Patrick, someone tagged a Chadrick Dunklee asking if it was his. There was no response from Chad D. but, Michelle A. replied saying, "he said it is his!"

I've seen no actual confirmation that Chad D. is the original owner. If he is, hooray! If not, I hope the correct Chad can be found!

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