It's pretty astonishing how many talented people reside right here in southwest Michigan. Today's Tiktok Tuesday creator is no different.

Allow me to introduce Courtney or @courtneychristina24 on Tiktok. Courtney is a 27-year-old musician from Three Rivers. Her account has amassed over 10k followers with 215,500 video likes.

As you would expect, some of her content revolves around music. Like this video where she covers Adele's song To Be Loved:

However, Courtney is also a single mother. With that being said, a lot of her content is incredibly relatable to not only mothers but those living the single life.

One of her most popular videos is not safe for work but, has a surprise ending that would be humorous to any single ladies out there...

Or this video which quickly points out one of the more...we'll call it delicate parts of navigating a new relationship:

A lot of people may not admit that they pass gas but, come on. We've all done this, right?

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Coincidentally, Courtney has previously been written about by WKFR thanks to her talent as a musician. Read more below:

Courtney has had a passion for music from a very early age participating in her first talent show at age 6. That passion blossomed and she began releasing her own music in 2019. You can find her music, all of her social media accounts, and more on her website. Or, find her on Youtube.

Here she is in her official music video for her song, Selfish:

Congrats, Courtney, on making it to 10k followers on Tiktok. No doubt, with that smooth and sultry voice, you'll have plenty of success in the music world.

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