The pool noodle. Back in the 90’s, we’d called them “fun noodles” or simply, “fa-noodles”. It was the greatest invention since the hula hoop. Now, it could be the cure to social distancing issues - when or if restaurants are reopened.

All this inspiration comes from Germany, where this inspired idea was first shared with the world on CNN. Just looking at this video will make you, at the very least, smile. I did a little basic research, googling “pool noodles”. They are ridiculously cheap. Lowe’s has them for about two bucks (and curbside pickup) While they may not be and exact 6 feet, at least, it's a start.

Think about it. This is an inspired idea. Everyone loves those little beanies with propellers. This is just taking that to a more extreme conclusion. (My old McGyver joke about saving the world with a paper clip and some duct tape, all of the sudden, isn’t so funny as it is a solution. Get a really big paper clip. Pop a couple of pool noodles on it. Duct tape it in an “x”, and pop it on your head.)

And, I don’t know about you, but the first thing I thought of is, I want to do this in the outdoor backyard seating area at Bell’s, downtown. This was, of course, before the rains came. I can’t believe that I’m the only one with this pent-up need to get together with a group of friends, laugh, and have a couple of Kalamazoo’s finest beers.

If we do get to 80 degrees in a few days, this Memorial Day weekend, the need to socialize is only going to get greater (or worse, depending on which word you choose.) Maybe it won't be legal yet, but when socializing is legal again, we'll be prepared.

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