Over the weekend a resident of Coldwater posted a picture of a MASSIVE hornets nest that is hanging at eye level from a tree on a sidewalk. The main issue is that it's in a heavily residential area where people live and could cause some serious problems. The photo, captured by resident Jim Hart, shows just how big this sucker is:

Used With Permission by Jim Hart
Used With Permission by Jim Hart

BEWARE! This wasp nest hangs at eye level on the sidewalk in front of 29 Cutter Ave. As you can see it is well hid within the leaves. I'd hate to see someone attacked after face planting it. Worse yet someone allergic to bee stings.

Someone commented on the photo on the Our Coldwater Facebook page stating that, "The City of Coldwater/CBPU calendar has a Regulation from the City Ordinances that states, "Sidewalks must be kept clear of leaves, trash, snow and all protruding branches or overhanging shrubbery." I would think that if this nest is overhanging the sidewalk, and also at eye level, it could be reported to "the City." Let's hope they see this and take some action

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